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Let's learn about Epiphany: La fête des rois

6 January 2022

La fête de rois (Epiphany/King's festival)

January 6th is la fête des rois, often celebrated with the family on the first Sunday of January. The tradition relates to the Epiphany or twelfth night that marks the end of Christmas, when the three kings brought gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh to the babdy Jesus.

Traditionally "une galette" (a round cake which has a small object inside called 'une fève') is eaten. La fève is usually a ceramic charm. The family tradition is for everyone to gather together to cut the famous cake. The youngest goes under the table and another person cuts and gives out slices asking the person under the table: "c'est pour qui?" (who is this one for?). The person under the table calls out the name of one of the guests - they are given the slice of cake and it continues until everyone has a slice.


A cardboard gold crown is supplied with the cake.Whoever gets the slice of cake with the 'fêve' is crowned king (le roi") or queen ("la reine") for the day and is given the crown to wear.